Since cell phones are used equally among Americans, the cell phone-based health technologies are within equal reach of everyone. Mobile health projects like this one are important to the future of healthcare in this country. The purpose of the Moyo Health Network is to reduce the risk of heart disease by empowering young adults to embrace behaviors that can improve heart health through creative, digital health strategies (Mobile Health (mHealth)) technologies by allowing you to monitor heart health-related behaviors, including physical activity, sleep quality, food choices and mental/emotional health. By doing so, Moyo Health Network plans to target a young cohort between the ages of 18 and 29 in the local Atlanta community. Eventually, we plan on expanding from the young cohort in the local Atlanta communities to a cohort including all ages from all over the world. In order to expand and achieve this goal, we have engaged a Community Coalition Board through our partnership with the Prevention Research Center at Morehouse School of Medicine.