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Welcome to the Moyo Health Network!

 The innovation of the Moyo Health Network involves reducing the risk of heart disease by empowering young adults to embrace behaviors that can improve heart health through creative, digital health strategies (Mobile Health (mHealth)) technologies by allowing you to monitor heart health-related behaviors, including physical activity, sleep quality, food choices and mental/emotional health.

“Moyo” is Kiswahili for “heart.” We have a big heart for the community.

About Moyo

The purpose of the Moyo Health Network is to influence ambitious young people looking for opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in the tech industry. Since cell phones are used equally among Americans, the cell phone-based health technologies are within equal reach of everyone. Mobile health projects like this one are important to the future of healthcare in this country..

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Health Equity

“Health equity” is assurance of the conditions for optimal health for all people. Moyo is where technology, innovation and the community meet to advance health equity. 

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Meet Our Team

The Cardiovascular Research Institute of Morehouse School of Medicine has initiated an electronic cohort in collaboration with Emory University and Georgia Tech, and the program is currently piloting now. 


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